The love of Jesus is life's greatest adventure.

This curriculum is all about one

thing—the love of Jesus.

There is nothing more freeing than

experiencing it personally.

And there is nothing more exciting

than sharing it with others.

Jesus' love causes us to be new people,

to do exciting things,

and to go to incredible places.

Whether that's across a street

or across an ocean.

Our Passion

To encourage and equip parents to raise their children to experience the love of Jesus from the earliest age possible, and to grow up with His love motivating their desires, dreams, and actions. We're creating this curriculum because we believe the love of Jesus is life's greatest adventure.

Weekly Lessons

Each lesson has three parts:

The Hero Inside

A Devo For Parents

We all want to be the spiritual hero our kids need. And the potential to be that hero is inside every parent. So, these short devotions are designed to 1) encourage you and draw out your God-given potential to be a spiritual hero in your home, and 2) equip you to teach the lesson to your kids.

Why does our kid's curriculum start each lesson with a devo for parents?

Good question. We have a great answer...

The Lesson

Once it is completed, the BETA Version of The Greatest Adventure will consist of six weekly lessons telling the story of the Bible (the plan for the full version is 52 weeks). Each lesson consists of 3 parts:
  1. A Question.
  2. A Bible Story to read to your kids.
  3. A clear Learning Outcome.

Fun Activities

There are lots of creative and fun activities each week for a variety of ages!

Hey Parents!

Start Here!

If you haven't learned the 4 Simple Steps for becoming the spiritual hero in your home do it now before you begin the weekly lessons with your kids. It is a vital part of this curriculum and it's just for you!

Weekly Lessons

The Creation

Week 01

Available now!

The Rescue

Week 04

Coming Soon

The Promise

Week 02

Available now!

The Friend

Week 05

Coming Soon

The Plan

Week 03

Coming Soon

The Mission

Week 06

Coming Soon