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Learning to love like Jesus is a life-long journey. It's one traveled best with a sense of purpose and surrounded by the right people. That's why The Way is so important—it keeps us from doing life alone and provides a clear path to spiritual transformation. Think of it as a way to find your people and your purpose.

The Way is a series of classes made up of short videos, but it's not a college course. The goal is not to gain knowledge about Jesus and His teachings, but to become obedient to them. This is your opportunity to discover what it means to follow Jesus and be empowered to live it out.

The Way is a work in progress. Steps 1 and 2 are complete, but 3 and 4 are in progress. We are also currently revamping the print piece to be much more robust and helpful to you in your journey of spiritual growth. Thanks for your patience as we work hard to equip you to follow Jesus!


Discovering Our Church Family

Everyone needs a place to belong. Whether you’re new to faith in Jesus, new to Parkside, or have been attending Parkside for a while we want you to find your place—a place where you can be supported, encouraged, and loved. 
Step 1 is designed to help you discover the story and heartbeat of Parkside. If you decide Parkside is the right fit for you, then you can learn next steps on how to connect with your new church family and get more involved in the mission of Parkside.


Discovering Spiritual Maturity

Life is made for growth. We should always be dreaming, learning, and growing as people and as followers of Jesus. Whether we’re in a rut and growth has slowed, or even stopped, or we are currently growing but want to take next steps, the change we need might be as easy as establishing a few new spiritual habits and attitudes.
Step 2 is designed to teach you about these simple habits and show you the different steps you can take to mature and grow as a follower of Jesus.


Discovering Your Ministry

What we do with our lives matters to God. Yet, it’s easy to feel like our actions don’t amount to much. But God has given you spiritual gifts, dreams, and passions. They work together with your personality and experiences to create the unique purpose He has for your life.
Step 3 is designed to help you discover your God-given potential and purpose, and learn how you can best serve your church and community.


Discovering Your Life Mission

It’s hard to watch the tragedies happening in our community and our world: racism, domestic violence, homelessness, corrupt politics, poverty... the list goes on. As Christians, we are not powerless. And every day God gives us is an opportunity to offer what we have to a hurting world: love, hope, joy, encouragement, peace... the list goes on, and on. You have a role to play!
Step 4 is designed to equip you to start making a difference in the world. Whether that’s across the street or across an ocean.